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More about Fujiyama Trading

Fujiyama Trading Ltd. is the first Bulgarian company which imports green tea directly from Japan. Our philosophy is to introduce the green tea to as many people as possible and to tell of its beneficial effects on the human body.

Because of that, we went to Japan and made a market research about green tea. Thanks to our Japanese friends, we visited some of the best areas where green tea is grown, namely Shizuoka prefecture where japanese grow Sencha, area Uji near Kyoto, where we found the superiority of Gyokuro and area Maruko, where the best Matcha (tea powder) is produced. This Matcha you can try in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo.
Known as green tea for weight loss, it has immesurable positive effect on the metabolism and improves the overall functioning of the body.

Why Fujiyama Trading

The first Bulgarian company which imports green tea directly from Japan

Quality without analogue on the Bulgarian market

Storage, which retains all the beneficial properties

Why Green Tea from Japan

The most healing drink for longevity

Extremely strongantioxidant

Speeds up metabolism and fat burning

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